Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finally, achievement

I actually managed to fulfill one of my New Year's Resolutions... for this week, at least. Yes, indeedy, I walked down from 96th St. It was a great opportunity to listen to some podcasts and catch up on Test Match Special and Woman's Hour, on things ranging from the lost art of dressmaking, to comfort women, to the loss of the old cricket grounds in the West Indies.

It is such a glorious morning. NYC is at the stage where it seems warm in the sun - beautifully so - but it's still rather chilly in the shade and after sunset. Yet you can feel things coming back to life, and everyone seems just so much happier. I love it so. This is my new Thursday plan. Honestly. Seriously. Walking is the way forward.


wind-up-bird said...

Walking, fantastic. I like the walk from Columbia to 59th via Broadway---once you get past the skeezy part of the 100s it's excellent.

missygp said...

That was my walk of preference, but alas, the presence of stupidly tall buildings meant a need to flee to CPW and the sun... but once it's warmer, I'm all about the Broadway.