Monday, March 05, 2007


Today I listened to a really very interesting piece on the power of women's hair in shaping their image, both to themselves and in society. It looked at the difference between baldness (through chemo, for example), and the incredible power from shaving one's head... and why it provokes such a visceral reaction, as per Britney. When I was growing up I, in my head, insisted I would never dye my hair blonde - red, attempted blue, even (my nape was blue, the hair horribly dull goth-style-black), but never blonde. Yet last week, when I mentioned that I was not like this due to nature, someone said that I was "very much a blonde." And not in a ditzy way, just... blonde. Your hair really does say something about who you are, in ways that perhaps I don't like. I feel strange that I now have long (for me), blonde hair when a lot of me is still the dye-your-hair-darker-brown, one-inch long person. I look at photos of me these days and I still have to filter the photo and realise that yes, the blonde one is me. I like my hair like this--but it's not how I see myself. Weird.

Speaking of nice hair... Everyone's condemning Ann Coulter, which is exactly what she wanted them to do. Gawker's reaction was fabulous (including the possible rationale that Coulter is just jealous of Edwards' rather fabulous hair). I particularly enjoyed this comment from Oovy:

When I see Ann Coulter, all I think is "jazzercise."

And you know what Oovy? She is indeed wearing what looks like a leotard on the front of her book. And now so will I... So will I...

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