Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seeing Through New Eyes

A couple of weeks ago, while in Gettysburg, I managed to break my beloved 50/1.8f AD lens. I was most displeased with my idiocy, because I absolutely loved it. Having done a little bit of internet research, I was unsure whether or not to purchase another 1.8, or to upgrade a little and purchase a 50/1.4f lens. I have started using the camera at work quite a lot, and I've noted some issues with exposure because I'm shooting in low light a lot. So I persuaded myself to purchase the 1.4 to get that extra 2/3 of an f-stop, and luckily for me, there was a refurbished lens in stock. I took it out on Friday for work, and then yesterday for fun. The results are... delightful. I am in love with the lens - sharp and beautiful, basically. The farmers' market was where I did my test run outdoors, and I'm very happy indeed.The indoors photos it takes are utterly gorgeous, too.  I will miss the old lens, but a good choice, methinks.