Saturday, February 09, 2013


I am a contrary sod.  Normally, my other half struggles to get me out to do exercise, get me out of the house.  This weekend, he's off in the wilds of snowy mountains, so there's no one urging me to get out; the snow is deep, and so I have a perfect excuse to stay indoors.

So why are my feet itching and my legs shaking around like Damien Francisco's in Dog President?   Because I am utterly contrary, and therefore I'm feel trapped.  TRAPPED, I tell you.  So I'm going to catch up on Apartment Curing and that sort of thing. I've failed to do much of it this week, for sure.  So here we go.

UPDATE:  Today I'm doing the kitchen clear out from the January Cure*, and have discovered:
  • Three bottles of sesame oil
  • Five bottles of balsamic vinegar (TOH's mining ancestors turning in their graves)
  • Many cans of chickpeas
  • Many jars of marmalade (current count: six in one cupboard, and that's pre-fridge accounting).  (UPDATE:  FIVE MORE JARS found in the fridge)
  • Three bottles of white wine vinegar
  • Numerous bottles of marmite (precisely, two of seemingly impenetrable Ma'amite, the jubilee celebration ones, and two regular bottles, too)
  • Two giant jars of breadcrumbs (I don't understand how this is possible - ah, one was a year out of date.  For shame) 
  • Two bottles of teriyaki sauce - WHY? 
* Latest update on the January Cure here.