Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I give up

Read this on why women's assertion of their rights and equality is responsible for all society's ills and weep. Well, Zoe won't make you weep, but the Daily Mail - and the Independent, for pity's sake - and its jumping on the story... unsurprising but, yet again, depressing. It's just like that fricking Angry Harry website. Disastrous. But still our fault. Of course.

In more disappointing news, apparently L-Lo is going out with James Blunt Rhyming Slang. I officially, hereinafter, wash my hands of the stupid woman.

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Yes. Have you read Lauria Kipnis' 'The Female Thing'? I think you'd be interestedin what this woman has to say.
Cheers and sun after the rain!