Thursday, March 01, 2007


I cracked this morning. Well, my stomach was rumbling and I needed something. So I had some decaf. I didn't even enjoy it that much. Still, no caffeine per se.

Anyway: Guilt? Check. Anger at oneself? Check. Searing tiredness? Check. General grumpiness due to too much work? Check. Therefore, give yourself a break and watch the baby orangutan and tiger cubs playing together. I nearly cried this morning, the cuteness HURT.


Sarah said...

Holy crap. DECAF is cheating??? You are hard.core.

wind-up-bird said...

No kidding, right? I guess the withdrawal is getting to her, given her standards of cuteness right now.

missygp said...

Easy scrappers!

How about this one instead? This is the honest real deal CUTENESS with no head-ripping.