Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And I'm Feeling Good...

Unsurprisingly, this is going to be a self-indulgent post about my NYR. Because I can, that's why.

I resolve many things, some of which are unsuitable for publication, but here are mein others:

1) Get thee to a cinema! My cinematic trips have been somewhat scarce in the past year, but I plan to go more often. And, while there, resist the popcorn. It does disgusting things to your arteries and it makes what is a fairly expensive night (given it tends to involve my beloved and moi) more so.

2) Control my televisual watching. Not that I plan to watch less--not with Doctor Who's second series about to come to a climax on U.S. tv, or the final ever series of Scrubs about, but perhaps to watch less Trinny and Susannah and maybe less... ahem... Charmed. Although we all need guilty pleasures. Maybe I should choose slightly less... crap ones.

3) Do my knee exercises! I finally saw a doctor about my ongoing problems with the knee, and what am I doing about it? Sweet FA. Of course. Hence exercising.


5) Knit. This ties in with 2) because I am going to make myself scarves while watching tv that I actually like. Mark is threatening to start whittling wood. As long as it doesn't stop me hearing the irritating pointless self-indulgent crap that passes for conversation between Meredith and Derek in Grey's... oh no, wait, that would be grand. As long as it's not while Christina's on the screen. Or Alex. I have a new-found love for Alex. I hope he and Izzie end up together again.

6) Walk from 96th to school, and the return trip, at least once a week. Sounds easy, non? Seeing as I failed ONCE to walk in the park at lunchtime, with my school all of two blocks away, I'm not counting on this being easy.

7) Eat meat only when I truly want to and, preferably, when it's good, nice, free range meat. I am feeling newly carnivorous guilt, plus hefty and sleepy after meals. I also feel limited and held back, bizarrely, by eating meat; it's as if I'm lazier with food choices now I have a wider range of things I can eat.

8) Cook more. I'm an ok-ish cook, in that I can follow a recipe jolly well indeed. I know my limits. But I am darned good at recipe-following and I should do so. My dad started cooking one new recipe a week, and I think that's what, hopefully, my household will be doing next year.

9) Find an American radio station I like (for music) or, if I can't manage that, at least listen to British ones for a while every week so that I am not completely musically ignorant. 2006 was a very dry year for me after the glut of tunes from 2005. Must get back...

10) Get to bed before midnight several nights a week instead of none. And manage to keep up with the Daily Show while I do it. Hmm. Now we're all caught up with Scrubs that might be easier...

huzzah. NYR purged. Updates (ahem) will flow forth, no doubt...

After that self-promotion, here is a pic of the fab lights at Newstead Road, Lee, South London, which every year gives donations from the public to charity. It is impossible to capture the splendour of the lights, but here's a taster.

Finally, here are the kittens with the ginge, our other cat. I cannot express, tragically enough, just how much joy they have created for our family this Christmas. They are glorious. I love them so. Leaving them is going to be a true wrench.


wind-up-bird said...

Whoo hoooo. I'm for the knitting, having recently taken it back up again myself. And the cinema. There must be some kind starving students. Seriously.

missygp said...

I know what is the cinema deal??? We at law school get one free pass once every two months. hmm. Free screenings, that's what we need to get into.

And knitting - you must teach me to purl as that's where I drop stitches... all bad. but can garter fine.

Other resolutions: sleep more (and go to bed before midnight more often). Do tricep dips. look after skin better despite insurance's refusal to cover it. bingo!