Sunday, February 15, 2015


The word "mocktail" tends to bring about an involuntary shudder.  Hey guys, don't worry about not drinking - you can enjoy a syrupy, grenadine filled, sugary mess.  Still, TOH and I enjoy cocktail hour - we play a bit of backgammon, read, put something on the record player, and enjoy whatever we've learned to make recently.  Of late, it's been a Sazerac, a decidedly alcoholic beverage off limits for February.

My wariness was mislaid, however, when it came to the Mellow Yellow from the ever reliable Tasting Table.  Despite the unpromising name, it was tangy, refreshing, not at all sweet, and echoed the complexity one gets with a well made cocktail.  And its tastiness was worth the reward of going through ones usual cocktail rituals - our beautiful, boxy red coupe glasses chilled in the freezer, the cocktail thoroughly shaken in an art deco inspired cocktail shaker.

Of course, conversation led to which spirit would go best in the drink.  I thought a bourbon, but TOH's suggestion of mezcal seemed even better.  We'll let you know but, for now, this works beautifully.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Drybruary VI

This year sees me embark on year SIX of No Booze in February (TM).  As per usual, I am looking forward to it providing me with a chance to explore other sources of entertainment during the month.  This year I am hoping to make it to the members' preview of the Kehinde Wiley exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, Into the Woods, and my new favourite thing that I discovered last year - seeing the Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts and Documentary Shorts, which I'll be doing in a mega evening this upcoming Friday. 

Otherwise, it's a chance to catch up sleep, reading, tv, and do a lot of cooking.  Not much more exciting than that, but that's part of the point - a calm, slow month in which I hunker down and take advantage of the excuse to say no to going out, no to socialising, and yes to recovering some energy and zest for the rest of the year.  With six weddings, significant family birthdays, and other traveling obligations, it will hopefully carry me through those with a little more pep.