Monday, March 19, 2007

Just You and Me

I got back at an indecent hour last night--a mere five in the morning UK time, luckily only one here. Why is it that all my seriously "late nights" are after travel, rather than actually going out and having fun?

Still, a later blog will feature processing of the London Town trip. My more immediate concerns are two:

1) Why do I keep falling over? I fear the snow and my glorious light blue pixie boots are incompatible, which I could have predicted, but more worrying is their inability to grip on those moving walkway thingies at airports, and also, indeed, pavement. Prize bruises indicate their fallibility which is, essentially, a tragedy.

2) The other half triumphantly announced, about six weeks ago, that he had "finally bought an electric toothbrush." I had been ignorant of this item on his to-do list, and am fairly indifferent to its existence--quite happy with the normal one. However, it appears he has somehow managed to buy something which is actually using the infinite power source. The instructions say to discharge it fully once a month, yet we haven't charged it for about two weeks AND IT'S STILL GOING. I thought about just switching it on today and letting it run down while I was out, but I was scared it might use that as an excuse to get up and annihilate the apartment. Don't ask me why. But I am now scared of being left alone with the menace in the bathroom (which lame pun / reference to a song is where the title to this post comes from... I need some sleep, clearly).

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