Saturday, March 03, 2007

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

Not my usual slobbing around the house, listening to Jeff et al. going nuts over Macclesfield v. Chester City. Oh no. Instead, I was outside the Margaret Sanger centre in lower Manhattan, essentially being a door opener for the PPNYC clinic. It was such a glorious morning--seriously blue skies.

It struck me, while there, that the protesters honestly think they're doing the right thing. That this is to help women's souls, and the souls of the foetuses that never make it. Seeing them made me realise that they really truly believe it's right for them to be there.

We're both there for moral reasons. Our frameworks are different. However, I would never turn up outside a church asking them not to go in due to the oppression of women, rejection of gay people and so on and so forth... There was also this weird understanding: They go home at midday, and so do we. Odd. Very odd.

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