Sunday, April 01, 2007


This week I have been forced into discovering the joys of a swiffer. Mainly because we are now the proud (adoptive) owners of two mightily hairy beasts. We should have called them Esau and Esau.

It has been, not to make too frivolous the trevails of those actual parents we know, like allowing two small, troublesome and attention-seeking toddlers into the home. Although I'm not convinced that toddlers would desperately jump into the shower after we've got out in the attempt to drink from the tap. Which is what they are doing, as demonstrated here:

It's all very odd.

Sort of grown-up.

But great.

I have, however, become one of those horrible people who talk about their cats in the way that people talk about their own progeny. So I shall stop, forthwith, unless solicited, after this week. I promise.

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