Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You're It!

I'm it, apparently... I've been tagged and I have to come up with FIVE WHOLE interesting things about myself, apparently. I don't know why my prodigious blogging doesn't do that anyway but... here we go:

1) I am the bionic woman. I have titanium implants in my mouth and in my legs, and only 28 of my own teeth (no wisdoms, either).

2) I used to be allergic to washing up. No, seriously. I got rashes all over my lower legs and got very hot, red knees that were stinging and painful. Sadly, that seems to have passed. I occasionally get it with handwashing...

3) I am, in some form, a ruminant. By that I do not actually mean that I provide the cud, but that I have more than one stomach. In fact, I have four, just like the cattle. Mine are for: 1) nuts; 2) chips (and by that I mean proper chips, fish & chips chips, not crisps or, even to some extent, french fries); 3) cheese and 4) all other forms of food.

4) In complete diametric contrast to my dear friend Dr A, there is not a sport about which I cannot find myself overexcited. If you could see my internal workings, you would be terrified about my preparations for the Superbowl. I am truly going to give myself a stroke through the excitement. And that's only until March Madness starts. Which is until the start of the cricket season. And the Cricket World Cup. And the FA Cup. And then the baseball... ye gods.*

5) My biggest fear... well, I occasionally get panic attacks about all sorts of ridiculous things - the advent of the age of robots taking over, given the size of the new ipod shuffle - but my biggest fear, on a regular basis, is falling over. I don't know if it's due to falls that have hurt members of the family, or because I have somewhat vulnerable (fake teeth, no dental insurance...). But what really terrifies me is falling over. I am seriously thinking about getting walking poles for snowy weather. Also, like Samantha in SATC, falling into the basement storage things that shops have here - terrified!

Right, that's enough embarrassment... you're IT now Banana, Portax, Bob, and maybe even the brust and my dearest beloved - about time you started up again!

* Of course, things involving cars do not count as sport, in my (and any right-thinking person's) mind.

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