Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am so tired this week that my eyelids feel heavy, constantly . This week I have been a bad partner - grumpy, home later than advised twice - and a crappy student - underprepared, missing class - and a bad intern - shocking memo written. All in all, it's not been the best of grace.

I have, however, hopefully, learned how to use my webcam. I have also tried very hard not to grumble about the sudden cold that has swept across New York, although as I'll be at South Ferry tomorrow which is at least 10F colder than the rest of the island (in my opinion, anyway) and windy, that may change. I have also paid all outstanding bills and spoken to friends in Costa Rica. And tonight I shall make txatka... yummy! (although, admittedly, it sounds utterly, utterly gross)

Have I mentioned how the German Chocolate Buttercup Bake Shop Cupcake is THE PERFECT CUPCAKE?

Well, it is.

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