Saturday, January 13, 2007

Running and Passing

This week has truly flown by. I have to force myself to recollect that this time last week I was on a plane between London and NYC. It's been extraordinarily busy. I started interning (doing amazing research); I started classes; I somewhere in-between managed to celebrate, several times, my dearly beloved's birthday (who, by the way, says hello). I only managed to do my knee exercises a couple of times but, as TOH says, we start the serious living - financial and cholesterol frugality - starts post-birthday celebrations. So here we go...

In other news, this week I have:

1) Got annoyed but also amused at the ridiculousness of this man - it really is utterly unsurprising that someone associated with this Administration would not only want to deny the Gitmo detainees any legal process, but decent representation. I bloody well hope this backfires. Not sure how, but still.

2) Been astounded at the high level of coverage David Beckham's move to the US has received here. It is extraordinary... he was on the front of almost every paper I saw... bizarre. Very bizarre.

3) Barely watched any tv. It's so strange. So strange.

4) Seriously enjoyed my SI subscription. It's such a well-written magazine, although its football coverage reminds me of how... "wrong" the U.S. sports vernacular sounds to my ears when it comes to footie. It's just not a head-goal, you don't kick a goal...

5) Spoken Spanish, seriously, for the first time in ages with a very patient friend.

6) Not slept enough.

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