Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Never Can Say Goodbye

This holiday home has shown the two sides to nostalgia. One, indicating that going back to something is a really, really, really, really, REALLY bad idea and it should never be done because you cannot regain the glories of the past. The other showing that what is genuine class cannot be lost and in fact should be revisited.

What rubbish am I spouting forth? I watched two old tv shows that particularly brought this to mind. First, on my return to London I watched (too much of) Robin of Sherwood, the old itv series. The first two episodes of the Jason Connery era. Holy macaroni they were DREADFUL. DREADFUL. Despite the presence of the everlovely Clive Mantle and everyone's favourite cockney psychopath Ray Winstone.* IT WAS BLOODY AWFUL.

Fear was in my heart for my second viewing. This Life was, as I may have mentioned, somewhat pivotal in my teenage years. I watched This Life +10 and it was fantastic. Anna was still Anna--quick-tongued and witty, infuriating, spiteful, impetuous--my total heroine, still. Miles, despite his TRULY OFFENSIVE HAIR** was utterly glorious--snide, cocky, with a lovely voice and buckets of sex appeal. I was reminded of just how bloody awful Egg was; I never understood why people liked Egg. He was awful: selfish, philandering, unpleasant... ugh. It was not perfect, of course, but the original show wasn't. Instead it was as the original--quick, realistic, uncomfortable. I thought it was excellent. Goes to show that sometimes it is worth going back...***

*Who, incidentally, is apparently unrecognisable and wonderful in Cold Mountain. That may actually be a reason to see it, but I remain unconvinced as of yet.

**You should all count yourselves bloody lucky that I couldn't find a photo of it. Instead you get him from Pirates II, where he's all dirty.

***NB this does NOT apply to Pump Up The Volume which may be the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE.

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