Friday, January 05, 2007

the long goodbye

It's Friday night and having just cooked up a storm, I'm faced with the rather daunting task of packing all my rubbish up and heading back to the US of A.

This is always a bittersweet occasion for me. I'm looking forward to so much about this semester--new internship, courses I'm genuinely excited about taking, seeing my friends, having more fun than last semester... and yet, and yet... I don't want to have to do it. I'm back in my split mind and heart again... which does indeed provoke many ellipses. It's not been an easy trip in that I've not really got much rest and I had to work for the first few days of it; nor have I seen everyone with whom I wanted to spend my time, which leaves me feeling guilty and sorrowful. Yet my time home has been excellent--not enough but lots of time with my mum, my dad, my kittens!!!! Lots of time spent reading, learning how to knit (yeah baby windupbird THAT'S the shizzle!) and, today, shopping on the high street. Oh, high street, how I have missed you so. Hence NYR 11: I seem to have fallen short on the old "going out top" option and therefore need to get my low-cutness and sparkles on. New Look, I salute you!

So here's hoping to finishing before midnight and to being up bright and early tomorrow and NOT fighting with my mum because I'm tired and grumpy about going, and to a quick passage through immigration... and to fireworks and bonfires, the evidence of which you can see here from our 2nd January shenanigans...

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