Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday Selector: The Monday Edition

Yesterday was a blur of activity. Well, not really. I watched West Ham v. Man Utd., then I went to a baby shower, bookclub and watched (after several fumbling attempts to utilize modern technology) two further episodes of Battlestar Galactica, my newest obsession. Goddamn it's tense. Essentially, it was not as relaxing a Sunday afternoon as it should have been. I was also recovering from a very late night out in BK watching Little Boots on Friday (my well-documented obsession of late).

So I wasn't sure what to go with for a starter for ten. Genius is still refusing to acknowledge Little Boots' presence. Two of my favourite songs of recent times got played at the club - the Aeroplane remix of Paris (originally Friendly Fires) and William's Blood by Grace Jones, but Genius doesn't deign to allow them a go either. So, in honour of a great night out (and great food although TERRIBLE drinks at Relish, first) we were going to go with Shove It by Santogold. But, of course, Genius doesn't like that either. It really is annoying that so many songs just don't work.

Right, inspired by one of my favourite concerts ever in BK, and her amazing performance last night (and I do mean the outfits), it's Bamboo Banga by MIA.
  1. Fancy Footwork - Chromeo. I've heard this called "Stripper Music," and I sort of get it. Still, it makes me shake my arse, it cannot be denied. Although Bona Fide Lovin' is the one that worms inside my brain like almost nothing else. I have great memories of bopping around Pasadena to this album last spring break.
  2. Earth Intruders - Bjork. I find her equally annoying and yet compelling to listen to. I can see why people loathe her as I listen to her, but the music, particularly the later, crunchier and more abstract stuff that has so much more electro and heavy drums and bass... it's brilliant.
  3. DVNO - Justice. This whole album is pretty special, and has really grown on me (although the weird kid-singing ones are still slightly annoying), but this definitely makes a case for my favourite. What the hell it means, I have no idea.
  4. Hustler - Simian Mobile Disco. This copy is actually from the Spank Rock Fabric Live (which is one of my favourites). I love the way they mix it in with big euphoric trance and then that sludgy bassline comes in, and then the euphoric comes over the top.
  5. Touch It/Technologic - Daft Punk. This is from Alive 2007, one of the albums that confirms in my mind that 2007 was one of the best years for music that I can remember (1994 being another GENIUS one). The particular genius of this is that I loathe Discovery, the second Daft Punk album, yet this manages on each track to mix a song from the amazing Homework with a song from Discovery and it just works.
  6. In the Morning - Junior Boys. Somehow I missed Junior Boys first time around, but again it's that crunchy bassline and I love the vocals so much. It really reminds me of someone else... can't work it out. But will do.
  7. Don't Stop - Brazilian Girls. I went to a rather interesting concert of theirs that took far, far too long to get going. But the singer being highly preggers and wandering around in a body stocking was pretty awesome.
  8. Galang - M.I.A. This was responsible for the most amazing bit of her concerts at Terminal 5 last year (or whenever it was). That "ya ya hey" bit - spinetingling. And everyone goes mad. Shame it was on those stupid car ads.
  9. Hearts on Fire - Cut Copy. I downloaded this but haven't really listened to it yet - I think I bought it just because it was $5 on amazon's end of year sale, and heard various good (albeit generic) things about it. It's ok. Meh.
  10. Sad Sad City - Ghostland Observatory. This is by far my favourite of their tunes. Funny how Genius does manage to find that sort of stuff... maybe it's not that bad after all. Then I remember how many songs it won't let me start a playlist with - LCD Soundsystem? Really, Genius? But I do love this. I'm so torn. Gah.

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