Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Makes Us Happy

Yes, I had tequila last night. It was... fine. And no real aftermath today, which is good. I had a g&t at a bar, and really, really felt it, so had a couple of pints of water. Then, a marg, another (2nd made by SS who is a marg-making genius, so it was much the better one) and a corona - which is effectively water, anyway. It was fine, not the wonders of a cold beer at the end of a hard day, but it was fun, and definitely revived a flagging me after catching the redeye back from CA on Thursday night.

So, slowly reintroducing myself into the world of booze, and I'm ok. I really am looking forward to a glass of red wine and a steak tonight. Just need to take it easy again.

In honour of the margarator:


Adela said...

Not to be a snob, this is really just out of my love for you: one day, I should invite you over for us to talk about tequila. I will give you two different kinds, which are really good, one is a special reserve. And on my wedding day, you will have to arrive a bit early, as we're asking our closest to show up for the photo shoot, and while you wait for the ceremony to start, you will have a margarita at Sn Angel Inn, the best margaritas in the country, in the world, and you will be happy again. Besos.
(p.s. word check: sconne. it's almost like scone!)

pumpkin said...

That I get to come early is an utter joy and privilege and I am even more excited that my room is finally booked!

I plan to bring an empty suitcase just to take the good stuff home. But definitely up for a primer on it beforehand...