Monday, February 02, 2009

2009: January's Update

Happy Groundhog Day! Honestly, I just saw Mayor Bloomberg getting the groundhog from Staten Island and couldn't quite believe it - it's not even Punxatawny Phil (who disagrees with the Staten Island groundhog, apparently)! My dear Pat Kiernan did, at least, see the ridiculous side of it.
  1. Use this blog as a forum for really thinking about what I have resolved to do and actively maintain my resolutions, monthly. Well, I suppose so. Hmm. Not sure I've done that, but I have at least blogged and I was worried last week about various things I hadn't done because it was nearly time to update...

  2. Lower the body fat. I have no idea if this has happened because my scales have sadly died (new ones en route), and I can't find the body fat calipers - plus, it seems weird to change measuring technique right now. Still, I might try and find this. I have a feeling that nothing good has happened to my body fat level after a rather indulgent couple of weeks, but I plan to get back on track, starting today. I've really not been going to the gym, which is just wrong. I've been enjoying my squash and football and swimming, but not weightlifting, and that's really what I need to start doing again.

  3. Run a 10k with TOH by the end of the year. Yeah, I've done nothing on this. I need to contact a physio. Will do this week.

  4. Have one night a week where TOH and I sit in the house but do not turn on the tv. Yeah, not sure I've done this, but we did have one Sunday where I just sat and read an amazing book without watching tv.

  5. Read at least six books from the Observer 100. Well, I have one out from the library! I have to finish my bookclub book, but as I have a Sunday deadline for that, I think I'm going to end up reading it next. Yippee!

  6. Watch at least twelve movies from the IMDB top 100. We finally finished The Hustler, but otherwise nothing. We have out from netflix The Wire at the moment, and maybe I should put another, comforting, movie at the top of the list for when TOH gets home tomorrow... hmm... Note, the film can't be from the current year - you can't trust the current movie assessments.

  7. Not go onto the internet for recreation until midday every day. Well, I've not been great at this. I've started deteriorating, although never back to the previous levels. I have, however, been much better than before and seen a bump in productivity, so it's time to get back to even more disciplined.

  8. Cook a new recipe twice a month AND (to make different from last year) recount the successes/failures on the blog. Well, I've barely cooked at all. I've really been feeling the lack of homecooking and control over my life. I made a pie with TOH last week - who made a fantastic crumble - and I made a baked brie for a party, but neither of those is new. Sadly. But I am going to have something cooked for tomorrow night. Actually excited about choosing the food.

  9. Eat one piece of fruit a day every day I'm at work. I've actually been pretty good at this. I think I've only missed about 3 days in all of January, and that's including working weekends.

  10. Win a game of squash! Well, I've won one or two games against each of the three people I play regularly. I'm definitely improving, although of course annoyingly the people I'm playing are also improving. I've sent off my ladder application and am going for a lesson hopefully this week. Yay!
And that's it. Time for a shower and work. Huzzah!

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