Monday, February 26, 2007


So Helen Mirren won, looked unbelievably great - no surprises there.

Marty, Marty, WHAT eyebrows you have. Truly spectacular.

Yes, Oscars came and went. We had a fair sprinkling snow last night, which has already almost entirely melted, which meant that all the taxis were gone at about 12.20 this morning, as everyone left Oscar parties and realised they really didn't want to walk anywhere. We settled for subway and ended up home just after one. True, this is probably not interesting to you, but is leading up to the confession that I nearly assaulted almost everyone coming out of Starbucks this morning, so good did their coffee smell. Instead, I am drinking "a flavorful [sic - in more ways than one] blend of orange and spice" and trying not to think about latte, espresso or good old cafe con leche.

It's hard.

Nonetheless, my spirit, if not the flesh, is revived by the thought of all the GoFug Joy to come after last night's awards - Gwyneth, if you are not pilloried by the girls, they are losing their grip on reality. Cannot wait.

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