Friday, February 09, 2007

32 is the magic number

Yes it is.

A friend went to university in Minnesota and told me how, during winter, everyone would wear shorts and flipflops when the temperature finally got up to 32F. Yep, that is freezing. Minnesota natives (I know a surprisingly large number) have confirmed this strange habit.

Well, I thought it was strange. However, it's now been over a week without the temperature rising above zero (celsius). On seeing that, according to the NY1, it might today get above that level, I now understand the joy of some relative warmth. Not enough to wear flipflops - it's still flipping cold. We also have the windchill factor and I'm down at South Ferry at the bottom of the island which is GENUINELY much colder than the rest of NYC (water, wind tunnels, unpleasant - and in summer, a hazard for dress/skirt wearers).

Plus, I feel completely nesh when I look at the current temperatures and current windchills round the country... it's COLD out there. Still, I feel utterly justified in cooking a warming tomato pasta dish and watching a video tonight...

PS I re-watched The Philadelphia Story for the UMPTEENTH time last night... There really is no other film to match it for wit (and casual or not-so-casual misogyny). New favourite line: I'd sell my grandmother for one. And you know how much I love my grandmother.


wind-up-bird said...

Yes, indeed, people do (and I have seen them) break out the shorts upon reaching 32. I feel it's a little fucked up, myself, but then I'm not technically an MN native. But yeah, pasta, movies, couch: infinitely better than outside.

missygp said...

Your Californian soul is indeed showing through.

Even better: have just realised that TCM is showing Muppets Take Manhattan tonight. Bliss ahead!