Wednesday, February 14, 2007

House Arrest

I am paralysed this morning. I normally find it difficult to stir my stumps to get dressed--so I often am up early, but stuck in front of whatever dreadful rubbish is on the tv (although this morning it's one of my favourite episodes of Dawson's EVER - the Witch Island one where Pacey and Jen are fabulous, Dawson & Joey, unsurprisingly, extraordinarily annoying).

However, today I feel I have a real excuse for my inability to move. Freezing rain is pounding down outside. You can hear the hail. And if the NY1 says it, it's officially horrible.

It's also below freezing again.

Nothing like this weather for romance. No, I'm serious. You can huddle together in the warmth. Go get your VD condoms, New Yorkers!

1 comment:

wind-up-bird said...

Dang. Here I was hoping it would be something to shield me from the subway, not a means of becoming shall we say more intimate with the subway.