Monday, February 12, 2007


Last night's Grammys seem to have put us in contemplative mood: the other half and I have been discussing top albums of 2006. Unbelievable that I haven't really done that here, yet... but shall. And, of course, duplicate it on my musical websites...

In no particular order, my albums of 2006 are:

1) Lupe Fiasco's Wine and Liquor Store - Lupe Fiasco. It's conscious, sweet, and lovely. From the heartbreak of He Said, She Said (trying to get an absent dad to play an active role in a kid's life) to the unexpected joys of courtship over skateboards in Kick, Push, this is a lovely hip hop album. How this didn't win at the grammys last night... boooooooo!

2) Alright, Still - Lily Allen. Funny, smart, and, as a dear friend said, what you'd imagine an album by Rose from Doctor Who would sound like. It makes me think of tons of girls I grew up with, which is a good thing.

3) We are the Infadels - Infadels. A good chum described this as "like LCD soundsystem - but less subtle" and I agree, although I actually think I prefer this album. Makes me want to dance, which is all you can ask for...

4) Once Again - John Legend. Sensual, unusual, this is gorgeous. I love the first album, I love this one... A review said that on "Show Me" he sounds almost Jeff Buckley-esque, a high tribute no less, and true... and that is my favourite song, I think - always makes my spine tingle.

5) St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley. Gets better and better the more you listen to it...


This is harder... because there were quite a few genius tunes this year. Off the top of my head, though, I'd go for:

1) Crazy - Gnarls Barkley - because it's still brilliant, no matter how many times you hear it.
2) Rehab - Amy Winehouse (although You Know I'm No Good is up there, too)
3) Baggage - Mary J Blige - everyone goes on about Be Without You, but this is classic MJB dance track, love it, love it, love it - makes me want to get on the dancefloor IMMEDIATELY.
4) Smile - Lily Allen - because it does what it says on the tin. And I'd rather she were the internet phenomenon than stupid Sandi Thom. And as long as no one's listening to James Blunt. Just thought I'd add that.
5) Just - Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald - brilliant song anyway, and wound up the indie kids something chronic ("but you can't touch Radiohead") - fab.
6) Get Em High - Stanton Warriors feat. Sway - this was bought by accident, in the Tower Records meltdown/closing down sale... and is a great album (just outside top 5, I'd say) - and I love Sway. Another good album last year.
7) Get Myself Into It - The Rapture. Just because it made me want to dance...
8) Giddy Stratospheres - The Long Blondes. Sheffield's finest, along with all the others... this album made a late charge in my affections, and I think is brilliant (another top 10 contender).
9) Juicebox - The Strokes. Not a great album, but I love this song - makes me want to shake myself stupid, which I only don't do for fear of injuring my neck somehow.
10) Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand. Just because it was the tune for the Soccer AM danceoff this year, and that means I will always giggle when I hear it...


wind-up-bird said...

How am I with you on the Gnarls Barkley? Loved that album.

missygp said...

Did you see the grammys? That gentleman can SING. Unlike Carrie Underwood who needs to be put out of our misery.