Friday, February 23, 2007


And so, as must all things come to pass, The O.C. died last night. What makes it particularly poignant is that I didn't even notice. It wasn't in the diary as a must-see - the last. ever. OC.

Instead, I got home and frantically watched Grey's to see if Meredith was to die. Sadly, she didn't. That was disappointing.

Anyway, the wondrous Gawker had this, strangely straight and not cynical review of the last ever episode, which points out just why it was great and how it had become bloated and, quite frankly, rubbish. Although I am a tad disappointed, I must confess, that the review wasn't just a bit snarkier (in its normally gloriously snarky way). I think what really made the programme rubbish was its failure to keep Julie Cooper as the truly brilliant, yet understandable, villain she was in the first series. As TWoP says, Team Julie Forever!


Sarah said...

F-ing Grey's Anatomy. Man I LOVED this show when it first started. Now, the writing is so predictable and borders (when it's not tipping full force) into cheezy.

I just don't think you can pull off having Meredith drown and drag it out for two episodes when the whole time everyone knew from the very beginning that she was going to be fine in the end, so fine even that she'd come back from two hours without a heartbeat and look beautiful, say "ouch", and chat it up with her buddies.

Now maybe doing it to George or that other guy intern or even Dr. Burke, now THAT would have been a different story! Because the possiblity that they might actually be dead is a real one. But when Meredith is the freaking narrator and the show is named after her??? PLEASE. It's an insult to our collective intelligence.

Umm...guess I have strong feelings on this???

wind-up-bird said...

Dude. I did the same exact thing. I guess I felt a pang for the Good Old Days, but then I tried to remember exactly when the Good Old Days were, and alas, I could not. Sometime during the first season.

And how much of last night's Grey's could I have written in my sleep, drunk, suspended from the ceiling, with a straitjacket on, and blindfolded? Because really? REALLY? The mother kicks it? And Meredith doesn't? And she is extraordinary? Are you for fucking really?


missygp said...

Sigh indeed. Sigh. When are the writers going to realise that really, all we care about is what happens to Bailey and Cristina, not that stupid Izzy or stupid Meredith. And Addison. When is she going to get it on with Karev?


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