Monday, February 05, 2007

And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more

Ye gods it's cold. I know, I'm a moaner, but 9F (-13C) is

Still, there are some things abounding to warm my heart. Such as the Super Bowl... not that I didn't feel sorry for the Bears, but I think their time will come again, Banana, honestly I do. They just didn't quite fire last night... but the first half was utterly ridiculous and very exciting. I also managed to prevent myself from scarfing a million bbq wings, which was an achievement. We did, however, drink Budweiser in honour of the occasion - us two Englishfolk and a German. Brilliant. Only once a year, I can just about take it - the Bud, that is, not the make up of the viewing party.

However, the real excitement was the rediscovery of my love of Prince. He was stellar last night - particularly as if I'd been him, I'd have had an enormous hissy fit and flounced off when seeing the rain and complete lack of brolly for him. Outrageous. Anyway: Prince = genius and SO much better than any other half-time entertainment I've seen thus far. Particularly enlightening, however, was how well-preserved he is. That led to a discovery that three of the icons of my youth - Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson - will all be FIFTY next year. Disconcerting, it must be said. Also weird - all three of them born withint three months of each other, and so incredibly influential in their different ways...

Therefore, short one, I salute you - and hence the post being in purple today. I could not find a way to make it paisley, sadly.

I also managed to not get mugged in Baltimore, despite it being the third most dangerous large city in the US. Whereas NYC is the fifth safest - crazy, no?

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