Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today, I actually do have stuff to say but need to process my thoughts more as to my trip to Housing Court... so instead, I'm stealing shamelessly from a dear birdie I know (who, in turn, steals from my favourite cebolla), and shuffle, shuffle, shuffling...

1. I am a Woman - Peggy Lee. Peggy Lee has the most amazing voice, and I didn't even, it must be said, realise I had this on my Pod of i. We only tend to know about Fever, and that's it, but this is great - talking about all the stuff that a woman does, and how capable she is. Shame it's framed about, you know, cooking and cleaning, but it's a way of enhancing those things that people take for granted and devalue - to show just how women's work is worth so much more than people give credit.

2. Watching Windows - Roni Size meets Nuyorican Soul. Drum'n'bass... what happened to you? People still go out to dance to it, apparently. We even listened to last year's "best dnb album", according to some dance mag... (Pendulum, Hold your Colour, if you're interested). I still actually, occasionally, listen to New Sounds. But it all feels so... old. Or, rather, I do. It is so tied to my time at undergrad - and it was EVERYWHERE there - and my realising that I could perhaps even dance, albeit to a limited range of music. I feel I've... evolved... but this is a good remix, too long, but the first five mins or so are great. And if you want a remix, MAW is the way forward...

3. Trouble in the Message Centre - Blur. Parklife was so completely and utterly important to me - as were Blur - it's hard to possibly convey it to you. It's probably not very good, but it hits me in the solar plexus, just sings in my blood when I hear it. It's so hard to untie the quality of the song from who I was when I used to listen to this all the time...

4. Sly - Massive Attack. This is such a gentle, beautiful song - dignified, almost stately. I listened to it far too often, got sick of it, but now I can cope with it again.

5. Adagio for Strings - Barber. This is the music from Platoon... which features Dr. Cox from Scrubs, which is all good. More importantly, it's also used in Rob D's clubbed to death. Which, sadly, goths and geeks rediscovered due to its use in The Matrix. BOOOOOO.

6. Gedawo - Abyssinia Infinite. This is one of the many world music / folksy things that KTB has given me, and I have failed to listen to. I shall, however, endeavour to listen to them more, not just because I adore another of their songs, Gole, but because I am off to Ethiopia in May, and as this is an Ethiopian band, that might be a good plan.

7. Where do I Begin? Chemical Brothers feat. Beth Orton. This reminds me of the time when I began to find the Chemical Brothers irritating - the whole working with noel gallagher period... Which is a shame, because I think the first album is great, particularly Life is Sweet with Tim Burgess, and this song is so sweet. Less irritating now.

8. Bring the Pain - Method Man feat. Booster. Oh, M-E-T-H-O-D man, how I used to love you. Tical I still think is great, an underrated wu-tang solo venture. Your mtv tour diary was also nuts, paranoid, and utterly terrifying and brilliant. And you bought your woman tampons in the All That I Need/I'll be there for you video. Fabulous.

9. Lost in the K-Hole - The Chemical Brothers. I have no idea why there would be two CB songs here. I don't have that many - compare to Stevie Wonder / Blur / Beatles and MANY MANY MORE.

10. Rose Rouge - St. Germain. This instantly brings to mind a walk through Central Park with my beloved and happening upon the roller disco. The crazies of the roller disco scene just bopped around in their own nutty ways to the sounds of this, my favourite St Germain tune... It was brilliant.

11. Perfect Love - Blak Twang. I feel I'm allowed to have this due to the Chemical Bros repeat. Plus, this features the beloved Lynden David Hall, a singer I adored and who sadly died very, very young. I had great hopes for Blak Twang, but they didn't really make the impact I was expecting on the British hip hop scene. Shame.

There you go. Surely not very interesting, but I'll give it a go again, whether you like it or not... and hopefully have some vaguely recent music... not that I'd manipulate it. Honestly, this is exactly how the first eleven songs came out of "shuffle"...

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wind-up-bird said...

See, this is a good thing, because now I know all the music I want to steal from you.

Interesting fact: Barber's Adagio also features in The Killing Fields. I know because we had to watch it in junior high.