Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yo Yo Moi

Recently, there's been this whole "tapping" for awards phenomenon, which has sadly passed me by. It made me twinge a little, then wonder why I blog. Or, just as importantly, the inapplicable reasons for my blogging.

I do it to share thoughts, to sadly share with friends that I really don't see frequently enough, particularly with my rather unpleasant schedule and resulting severe sleepiness. I don't want the pressure of a serious readership. I'd rather blog about contraception one day and my cats or my iPod the next, and not stress. I am constantly having to think about what it is that I want for me, and not what I think I should want, in comparison to other people.

This has possibly been one of the best things about law school, bizarrely. There is a great deal of competition, of assumptions that your path should take this route - and those pressures are there regardless of whether you go the corporate or public interest route. So I've sometimes applied for things I thought I wanted but, on retrospect, it turns out I don't desire for me. But recently, I've been making decisions and rationalising my choices and they have been the ones that are - shock, gasp - good for me. Whether they are not going to work where people think I should - for whatever reason - or being an activist in an unpopular field or choosing courses I find interesting and useful not just in the future career but in terms of how I think, what I think, and why. Now, and for life.

Anyway, instead of this being my telling you what a great person I now am, the point was, through this "tapping" I found out what people I read read themselves, and have some new and exciting suggestions. Plus some new ones that I should read more often, as they are rather hilarious, but don't, so they're not all earnest, honest guv. So I'm going to re-do my right-hand column, which is probably a big reason as to why I blog - because when I look on my site I see the list of all my favourites on the right, and read those. And they are blogs by friends, strangers, political, frivol, and downright genius (GFY, I love you). Here are the newbies in the meantime:

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