Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bundles of Joy

I've come to a decision, people, and you're not going to like it. I am about to enter into the world of true trash and inanity and start tivoing Katie & Peter. I just am. And you can't stop me. Seriously.

Why? An unusual source joining the embodiment of female empowerment regarding names has come along: Jordan has had her baby with Peter Andre. This from the Guardian's sidelines on the joyous new arrival:

Price of being a princess
Glamour model Katie Price - aka Jordan - and her disconcertingly cheerful husband Peter Andre, have revealed the name of their newborn daughter: Princess Tiáamii (tee-ah-me, should you ever need to say it out loud). We kind of like it. "Princess" denotes her as an unequivocally high-status female. Tiáamii is derived from Peter and Katie's mother's names - Thea and Amy - thus honouring the maternal line both ways. Good work, the Andres! Which you will now undo by dressing the child in nothing but pink until her 18th birthday.

Further, they go on to say: "We've put an accent over the first 'a' to make it a bit more exotic and two i's at the end just to make it look a bit different." Awesome.

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