Friday, July 13, 2007


The current most e-mailed NY Times article is, indeed, one on how bloody rocking British chocolate is in comparison to US chocolate. And, quite frankly, it is. I think a friend made an apt, if inadvertent, point when he admitted that despite loathing chocolate, what he does like are Baby Ruth's and Butterfingers, which taste nothing like chocolate. I got my friend, who had emigrated to Florida, to send me a Baby Ruth's, because of the Goonies. I had anticipated that package with such passion, and then I tried one; it was, in a word, revolting. My teeth have never been the same. Although the article suggests that US candy (because it's NOT chocolate) tastes sour to palates such as mine, in fact it just tastes sweeeeeeeeeet, and not in a sahweet kind of way.

For my A-level revision, I had a crunchie and a coke (not diet, duh) for breakfast every day. Breakfast of champions, that. And virtually fat-free.

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