Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter and Out

So, I finished it.

I cried.

I'm still upset.

But I shall reveal NOTHING to you dear friends, unlike evil people who seem bent on ruining everything for everyone else because they are BIG FAT KILLJOYS AND MEAN. Although this is funny - and of course entirely true.

I need to re-read it - and somehow not convey the plot details to TOH before we go to Oaxaca,* where I shall read it again.

Nonetheless, if you have time to look up from the Deathly Hallows, or are trying to avoid all the spoilers on the internet,** then I suggest having a peek at these gems on a tinternet terminal near you:
  • Nona Willis-Aronovitz on why modesty is not where it's at - linked from Feministe
  • Caryl Rivers on why Bush is waging war on science to repress women, via Feministing
  • Anna Pickard deconstructing the Oh My God video by Lily Allen & Mark Ronson - this is absolutely bloody brilliant!
  • Scott Murray on faceless US golfers (do not read if you're so immensely patriotically US that you love faceless journeymen golfers with no charisma who do nothing ever again) - seriously, even if you don't like golf, this is hilarious as Murray nearly has a nervous breakdown over Sergio - plus here's the playoff as it happened but it's nowhere near as funny
  • The Times on the worst fifty premiership players ever - and kudos to TOH for guessing the number one man right. TOH, you am the best, as always.
  • GFY surpasses itself yet again by featuring some of my most favourite people to fug - Posh, the Cruisemeister - and combining it with references to Will Smith's awesome back-catalogue. I love these women.

*Did I mention that we're going on holiday? To this place? Did I?


e. said...

Finished it on Sunday... cried like crazy!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it (not so much the crying...)!! I want to re-read it... but I think I want to re-read 5 and 6 before I do 7 again...


missygp said...

I agree, I think 5 & 6 need to be done again... although I do love 3 & 4 - so maybe I should do all of those... rats, this could take some time!

Cerebus said...

But no Jason Dozell in the worst 50 footballers? Ridiculous

missygp said...

I KNOW! Why no Dozell? Seriously, he was much worse than Rebrov; I suppose it's a matter of expectation...