Friday, July 13, 2007

Put Your Hands Together

This morning I had to drag myself to the gym. I nearly convinced myself I couldn't go because my elbow was hurting, which would interfere with my weight-training. Never mind that it really shouldn't have any effect on, you know, running. Nonetheless, I have discovered the joys of a gym buddy. Seriously: Telling someone else I'll be there just makes me go. The other person and I don't necessarily do the same thing, arrive at the same time or leave at the same time and yet, it works. Unbelievable. So I went.

And I had so much fun. Seriously - fun. I did weights (elbow withstood them pretty well, although I didn't do the pull up / tricep dip machine, just in case - safety first). Then I went on the cross-trainer, so that I would not try to run - I can't bear just walking on the treadmills. I normally loathe cross-trainers. Yet, for some reason my random shuffling of music was absolutely perfect. Therefore, I can solemnly swear that the following selection of music made my gym visit amazing this morning and you should try it. Honestly.
  1. La Tortura - Shakira, from Fijaccion Oral (not the reggaeton remix, much as I love that one, too)
  2. Let's Push Things Forward - The Streets
  3. Turn the Page - The Streets
  4. Fell in Love with a Girl - The White Stripes
  5. Rose Rouge - St. Germain
  6. 2D2F - Avenue D

Bizarre. But the endorphins are still swilling around my system, so...

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