Thursday, July 05, 2007


I survived. Just about. It was great - an excuse to eat a lot and watch fireworks which is, essentially, my idea of a perfect day. And only a few snide comments - from both sides which shows just how far anglo-american relations have come. Indeed.

Anyway, the NY Times has a fabulous editorial today about the Supreme Court. I am going to try for more levity in the next few posts, so less of the law and ranting, but this was definitely worth mentioning. Read it while you still can - I think it will only be up for a week. The general gist, however, is below:

It has been decades since the most privileged
members of society — corporations, the wealthy, white people who want to attend school with other whites — have had such a successful Supreme Court term.

UPDATE: Excitingly, I just found this from the fab feminist law profs: The House has already got before it, and passed through Committee, a law to overturn Ledbetter. Which is bloody brilliant news indeed. For a very good assessment of that utterly boswellox opinion, written by the gitlike Alito, read this. Ledbetter stood for the proposition that if you don't know you're being screwed over by your boss because you're a woman, or black, or a Rastafarian, tough luck - you only have six months to sue from the time your boss started doing it. Nice work, Alito. Luckily, the House is saying up yours, matey. That's made my day. Even more than the arrival of the replacement iPod. Sort of.

So less of the Supremes, more about fun stuff. Honestly. Although I cannot let this one go. So, the idiot Bishop of Carlisle has said that the gay marriage act is why the UK has been flooded in the past couple of weeks. That was quite exciting, and shows that really, we have our own brand of crazy churchfolk just as much as a nation with Pat Robertson (whose real name is Marion - who knew?).

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