Monday, July 19, 2010

Operation Anti-Knee Knack: An Update

As I have mentioned, I got knee knack after a match of football that prevented me playing footie anymore. Well, I've slowly but surely been recuperating and getting myself stronger and fit again, and yesterday I made a significant piece of progress: I played. Slowly, rustily, with terrible touch and little efficacy (either at the back or upfront) but I really enjoyed it. My knee was tight and painful afterward, it's not that happy today, but I'm making headway to even think about it. And I had similar pain and problems immediately after running outside for the first time a mere month or so ago. It's getting there. Slowly, surely, it's going to happen. And if I have to continue with discomfort and stretching and icing for the rest of my playing career - and yes, I shudder to use that word about my playing - then it's worth it just for the exhilaration, the adrenaline, and the sheer fun. Although I think I'd prefer it in temperatures slightly lower than yesterday, please.

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