Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slowly, Surefootedly

I did a maybe-five-minute run outside this morning. Not much, I know; but I am slowly, surely, recuperating from a knee injury that has seen me cease football, squash, and weightlifting - the only guaranteed forms of exercise I will do. Swimming I lose the will for, after a while; and I hate spinning/elliptical/biking. Yuck. So getting my body back to strength, endurance, and able to run for just half an hour, that's all I want. Physical therapy every week is definitely getting me more defined, stronger, but I'm still not quite where I want for running - partly, I think, because I've been too scared to really push my knee for fear of breaking down again. So when yesterday we went for a very brief run and it really hurt, albeit not locking in the old way, I felt defeated and miserable.

But today, we tried again, and there were twinges, but nothing like yesterday; and I am hopeful that a little bit, more or less every other day, is going to build my legs up so that half an hour is the norm. Fingers crossed. Because the tiredness, the muscular exhaustion, the sweat and satisfaction from running, as I feel right now, is hard to beat.

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