Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Taste for Blood

While the nation I live in celebrates booting out the evil imperial forces from which I descend, some members of this country don't seem to realise that it is no longer necessary to go after English blood. Yes, American midges/mosquitoes/ticks/biting thingies - that means you. I have got about 20 bites in the past two days. They are huge, disgusting and uncomfortable, and I am distinctly unimpressed that the biting insects do not seem to realise the war is over.

Still. Despite the ignorant and hostile behaviour of these creatures, I will honour today's historic significance - I shall make burgers (homemade from free-roaming organic meat from the co-op, obviously) and grill hot dogs (Nathan's, also obviously) and drink Brooklyn Beers - summer and pilsner today. Currently I am working gently while listening to baseball (and the adverts for law firms chasing mesothelioma victims), then will sit out on my deck and listen to the revelry while doing more work and waiting for darkness and fireworks and parties. Overt displays of national patriotism bewilder me, I think, when they're not related to sport, but nonetheless I feel extreme loyalty to both London and New York, these cities that reared and fostered me as a child, and have been my homes as an adult, forming the person I am now. So tonight I will raise a beer or two to this wonderful city that is both quintessentially American and, yet, unlike anywhere else in this country. It's going to be fun. And, doubtless, the cause of many more welts and bites.

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