Saturday, July 10, 2010

Animals Strike Curious Poses

Or, not so much - they're more just sprawled and desperately trying to keep cool. It's bloody boiling here, and it's a sign of how bad this previous week has been that a temperature of 85F/29C seems reasonable and bearable in comparison to the 103F/39F we suffered midweek. Still, thank goodness for ceiling fans and our place being so cool. We're sans air conditioning, and this week was a good test of surviving without it. Not too bad, but still - when it breaks it's going to be grand.

Anyway, it's been too hot even for the cats to survive happily. I've had the door open a couple of days this week and they've generally chosen to stay inside rather than out, such has been the heat. So, here they are.

I had to share this - how beautiful is it? Glorious.
Honest to god tomatoes! Growing! Growing!
I've had to learn that I've been over-feeding the plants - having feared I was under-feeding, it turns out that's really not what I've been doing. Bugger. So instead I'm acidifying the soil and leaving off the feed. But the tomatoes are growing, and we have some strawberries... awesome.

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