Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's been a winter of great piles of snow elsewhere, both at home and in the US, but until today, New York City had managed to avoid the hits - certainly, this winter has not warranted a nickname such as Snowmaggedon. I saw something on tv a couple of days ago that said that while Baltimore had had over 60" of snow since December 1 (that's nearly as tall as me!), NYC had seen a mere 15.5".

Nonetheless, yesterday we got a big fat foot of snow that muffled the sounds of the street, squidged and crunched underfoot, and utterly enchanted me. I worked from home, and took a break in the late afternoon and fading light to take some photos of the snowy streets. It was an absolute joy. I can imagine that getting to work is not going to be quite so much fun.

The (snow)chair on our deck

Park Place

Poor old snowed in lions

Our building

Check out this gorgeous pic of Eastern Parkway, too - I'll be trudging along that to work very soon... And to see the rest of my photos, follow this link.

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