Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First (& Second) Hurdles

Onto week 2 of No Booze in February (NBIF). Thus far, I've had the first of my passes, for the Super Bowl. I'm afraid I drank beer other than light beer; I think I may have managed to avoid breaking the rule if we hadn't discovered that the wonderful Brooklyn Beer & Soda sells my favourite Tico beer, Imperial, for not much more than the bars in Costa Rica - which was, at least, impressively cheap. So I drank a few of those, and felt a) quite light-headed quite quickly indeed and b) rancid on waking up on Monday morning. Although the recovery was remarkably quick, interestingly enough.

Yesterday evening was the first real test, the real temptation, however. Because it was one of those casual, lovely meals with great foodie friends, who were salivating over the claret they had ordered - a Bordeaux Saint Colombe '05 which, apparently, was earthy and bloody (suitably enough for claret) and went extremely well with the incredibly good burgers we had last night. It smelt divine. It was a genuine test of my resolve that I passed, but by which I was saddened. Roll on March.

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