Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Assorted Donuts

Today is the anniversary of the death of the great hip-hop producer, J Dilla. It's not an overexaggeration to say that he produced some of the most inventive, fun and creative hip hop since its creation. He took this sort of neo-soul feel and just flew with it, bringing about one of my favourite albums ever (it was #4 in my greatest albums of the 2000s), Fantastic, Vol. 2 by Slum Village, along with one of my favourite tracks ever, Runnin' by the Pharcyde (from Labcabincalifornia - a mere $6 on amazon at the mo - on which Dilla produced several other fantastic tunes, such as Drop, which has a truly great video).

And here's an example of what Dilla did so well: slinky bass, the fun whooping... it's just perfect. And I am incapable of sitting still when it comes on. Which is the point, really.

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