Monday, February 01, 2010


I have a massive thing for Japanese chocolate-covered breadsticks. I developed my taste for them in Barcelona, where I regularly consumed a large number of packets of the brand Mikado (I know). On Saturday, while shopping in an Asian food supermarket, I went on a search for some. Imagine my surprise and delight to find many, many brands, many flavours, and, bizarrely, that the bitter chocolate version is called... well, you'll see for yourself:

How mad is that? It's the men's version. What makes it more amusing, of course, is that Dr. TOH really doesn't like dark chocolate and prefers milk and even, occasionally, white chocolate (which makes my stomach clench, ugh). And, indeed, this appears to be the experience of various female friends and their male partners (so, obviously, that's a fact. ahem). So, yes, Pocky's makes Men's chocolatebreadsticks.

Mad. I still bought them. Even though they annoyed me.

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