Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Far, So Good

I have drunk a thing of water every day, and I did three pieces of exercise: I cycled at the gym twice, yesterday and Thursday (goodness me, how BORING it is, but not much choice given physio's restrictions) and went for two extra-length walks that combined to about an hour on Monday. So, thus far, I'm sticking to it.

I also have managed to do yoga a couple of times. I have noticed, thus far, that on the days that I do it, I am far more mindful for the rest of the day of my posture and sitting correctly. Which can only be good. I am still making the bed every single day, which is the one self-imposed resolution that I've stuck to for more than a month. This was #3 in NY Mag's list of 50 things to make your life happier. What annoys me is that, according to the author of The Happiness Project, "outer order contributes to inner calm. Especially if you’re living in a small space—but even if you’re living in a gigantic loft. Start each day with a concrete, albeit tiny (and therefore manageable!), accomplishment.” It's annoying because that was my justification. And I don't want to agree with someone who has written something called The Happiness Project. I just don't.

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