Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year, New Me

As always, it's a new year and my thoughts tend toward resolutions. But, I'm a little wary of it, given how fruitless my efforts are (and the studies that show that you're unlikely to keep them). I think my TWO resolutions are going to be 1) three pieces of exercise a week (and I mean exercise, not a half-hearted 10 minutes on the wii fit) and 2) a canteen of water a day. TOH got me this for Chrimbo, so I have a lovely new thing to drink from - and that's what I mean by a canteen. I don't think it's accurate or the common use of the word, but still - that's what I mean.

Not that the resolution process is useless. If you think about it properly, it does give you a chance to reflect on what you'd like to do more of, what kind of things might improve your life, rather than just beating yourself up. There are things I want to do. I genuinely am going to give yoga a go, because all my physio has taught me how inflexible I am (so true in general) and also - I want yoga arms. I really do. All my friends with ace arms do yoga. I barely made it to the cinema last year, and I'd like to do that a bit more often. I want to go out dancing more often. Other than that... life wasn't so bad last year. I'll stick with what I was doing.

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