Thursday, January 07, 2010


I just logged onto BBC Radio fivelive to catch a report about the rather thrilling draw - no, not a contradiction in terms - in the third test at Newlands. I heard an excellent report by Michael Vaughn, who is becoming fast the most incisive and interesting commentator TMS now has - bright, perceptive, honest and very likable - I'm really impressed.

And then. Oh, BBC, really? Really? The next piece was about how Gordon Brown survived a leadership coup yesterday, which was fine. And then we descended into utterly offensive bilge as we heard about how women need to train their men and "withhold" things - presumably conjugal relations, was the wink wink nudge nudge behind the "expert's" tone - to stop them throwing their clothes on the floor. This is, apparently, an inherent problem with men because the expert's two sons did it - what more proof do you need? Furthermore, it is "the classic mistake of marriage that women think they can change their men, and men think their women won't change, but do." That's what the fivelive presenter, Peter Allen, stated, and we all laughed and went along with it because women are awful uncompromising nags who mother their husbands and men are little boys who need to be trained and are just naughty scallywags, really.

So I got all angry and annoyed and disgusted at the general hetero-dominance and inherent sexism that demeans men and women by these assumptions... and then I took a breath and laughed. Because I am so utterly grateful that this is not our relationship, this is not TOH and I; at least, I really truly hope it's not.

And then I read Two Gentlemen of Lebowski and all grumpy things were forgotten. This is utterly magic. Sir Donald; thou art out of thy element.

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