Friday, January 08, 2010

White Out

I love my home, I really do. I love the way we are filled with absolute wonder and the need to document it whenever it snows more than a couple of inches and settles.

But we are rather pathetic. Almost every football game midweek was called off; already the football fixture list for this weekend is "decimated," including Spurs' game at Liverpool where I was hoping we'd give them a boot up the arse.

And in comparison, look at the photos of this report of the Patriots' game at home to the Titans from October, 2009. October, not really the time you'd expect snow. In fact, it didn't snow in Boston, or 25 minutes south, in Providence, where we were for the weekend.

We are really quite rubbish to be so paralysed by bugger all snow. In comparison to 6ft high, 150 yard snowdrifts, as my mate experienced in Nebraska over Christmas. Now that is snow to be forgiveably hampered by.

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