Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday Selection: Pre-Emptive Strike

I'm at work, it's late on Saturday, and although I'm not desperately sorry for myself (I'm doing something quite exciting - hold back the laughter, please), I am going to be here all tomorrow and, so, I'm starting Genius with something bemoaning the grind and working for The Man: The Magnificent Seven by The Clash. This song has become my go-to for jukeboxes, making me extremely predictable (my other obligatory tune being Roxanne), but I can't help it - love it so. I also love the Clash for their sheer variety of sounds, influences, and progression. I know we're not supposed to like the later stuff but tough - I do.
  1. A Forest - The Cure.
  2. Pale Shelter - Tears for Fears.
  3. Monkey Gone to Heaven - Pixies.
  4. Wordy Rappinghood - Jacques Lu Cont.
  5. Town Called Malice - The Jam.
  6. Fool's Gold - The Stone Roses.
  7. The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
  8. Girls & Boys - Blur
  9. Johnny Come Home - The Fine Young Cannibals
  10. House of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture.
And a mighty fine playlist it is, too!

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