Monday, March 02, 2009

2009: February's Update

  1. Use this blog as a forum for really thinking about what I have resolved to do and actively maintain my resolutions, monthly. Not working thus far. Oops. Real effort in March.

  2. Lower the body fat.This is actively going wrong for me. a) We just got new scales, and they appear to have a different measuring system because I went from 27%, roughly, to 29% in a week, which is just highly unlikely given I went to the gym three times and was pretty healthy that week.* b) I am now up to 30.3%. So by whatever measuring scales we're using, I'm going the wrong way. It's been a pretty monstrous few weeks, here there and everywhere, and so I've been terrible at eating well and getting to the gym. I've been indulging in eating to make up for lack of alcohol, and am paying the price. But it starts again today - back on the weightlifting tip and getting some good, lower fat eating done.

  3. Run a 10k with TOH by the end of the year. Not called a physio. Will do this week. On pain of death - not cake.

  4. Have one night a week where TOH and I sit in the house but do not turn on the tv. Not happened at all. Instead, I've been consoling myself with TV while TOH has been jetting here there and everywhere. Starts this week!

  5. Read at least six books from the Observer 100. I did indeed! I read The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. It's a book that was published in 1903 and is considered a precursor to the spy genre of people like Deighton, Le Carre et al. It also apparently predicts some methods of attack by the German navy during the Great War. It was terribly technical about yachting - not my favourite idea - but I did genuinely enjoy it, and it was terribly tense toward the end. I like spy books, but I'm not sure why this should go in rather than The Spy Who Came in from the Cold - one of my all-time favourites and an absolutely spectacular spy novel - other than it being the first. And that's not really sufficient to support its entry, I don't think. Next: a biggie - Anna Karenina. Ulp. I'm only 8 of 8 requests, so it shouldn't be long.

  6. Watch at least twelve movies from the IMDB top 100. Well, we've not managed that because, again, barely been home. But tonight am going to suggest one. Honest.

  7. Not go onto the internet for recreation until midday every day. I've been utterly terrible at this, but started afresh today and (other than the cricket score, which I can get passively) have been very good. It's definitely worth it.

  8. Cook a new recipe twice a month AND (to make different from last year) recount the successes/failures on the blog. Nada. Nothing. See above for lame excuses as to why.

  9. Eat one piece of fruit a day every day I'm at work. Actually stuck to this, and enjoyed it!

  10. Win a game of squash! I seem to have regressed a little, just in time for the squash ladder to start. Ulp. Going to get killed, despite being in the bottom group. Ugh. Still, onwards and upwards!
* The scales also appear to be not the most reliable, given that we did the weigh-in this morning and I went up 3lb in the space of 2 mins. And I had not just eaten a ton of hot dogs in that time. Hmm.

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