Thursday, March 26, 2009

Par for the Course

Tonight, I am getting on a plane to head to warmer climes for a brief respite from the misery of the NY "spring" that we are enduring. There are several things about this trip noteworthy only for their utter typicality at my inability to have a holiday properly:
  • My head is spinning from my blocked sinuses that have somehow, magically perhaps, been unblocked until the day I go on holiday.
  • We are going to a warm, sunny place with a pool. That should be enough but, instead, we are going to a music festival which will involve late nights and far too expensive drinks. So when I get back on Sunday I will be just as exhausted as I am now.
  • I have packed too many books in the vain hope that I will read them all but will instead read half of one, feel guilty and it will hurt my back to lug them all around.
BUT: I am not taking ANY work with me. Blackberry, yes. Papers, laptop - no. Just no. In that much I will break the cycle.

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