Friday, February 29, 2008

Resolved in February

  1. Done! (NB: some of this is going to be pretty repetitive).
  2. Hmm, not so great. 28.3% remains my total, but that's having been somewhat indulgent over the past month - SuperBowl, drinks, eating... it's all been a bit much. I wouldn't have thought of February as a decadent month, but pour moi... it really has been. But other than Spring Break (ulp!) no real issues in March, and hopefully will get back on track. I've been astonishingly lazy, too, which hasn't helped.
  3. Well, we went dancing at Bembe for a friend's birthday, which was multo fun. But that's about it... still not doing well on this front.
  4. Classic movies... well, I think In Bruges definitely counts. Ahem. No, actually, we did see several - Network, It Happened One Night, The Godfather, and all in one weekend. Sweet!
  5. Read: Bartleby the Scrivener; Billy Budd, Sailor; Oedipus Rex; currently on The Merchant of Venice.
  6. Nope, no flowers since. Should do something about that.
  7. Well, I made pie, twice, and I also made crumiri, which were yummy, but a tad sweet, and there was just too much mixture. But we've not been as experimental as we could be.
  8. We went to the Whitney, obviously, but also had a wondrous trip to the Met, which was one of my favourite visits in many years. We pottered, we looked, we studied... it was just lovely. And, as a consequence of my post, we have a fabulous book to read which I hope will work me through my fears and reservations about looking at art.
And with that... I'm off to the gym.

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