Monday, February 25, 2008

Tag Team

My lovely Xopo tagged me for this fabulous list - fabulous, because I get to talk about myself. Less fabulous, however, as I reveal just how much tv I watch to thems who I might want to protect from the knowledge (i.e, TOH).

Still, I have finished writing a statute on termination of at-will employment in NYS, and after that monumental achievement, I feel I can a) be a little self-indulgent and b) I should write it down to make myself face the facts.

Books I Have Been Reading: For once, I get to feel a little smug as I have actually done some reading of late, what with me doing Law & Lit. However, now I read them, it's a bit embarrassing I'd not read them before, but beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  1. The Stranger. Albert Camus.
  2. The Ladies of Grace Adieu. Susanna Clarke (the volume of short stories that is a quasi-follow up to Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell, which I utterly adored).
  3. The Poisonwood Bible. Barbara Kingsolver (every American I know seems to have read this, so thought I'd give it a go).
  4. The Trial. Franz Kafka.
  5. Bartleby, Scrivener and Billy Budd, Sailor. Herman Melville.
Music I Have Been Listening To Far Too Much: Fortunately, I have scrobbling to help me determine what I've been listening to a lot of, so here goes:
  1. Idealism. Digitalism. I wasn't sure about this at first, but am now a huge fan and extremely peeved I'm not going to the gig here in May.
  2. Cease to Begin. Band of Horses. Came late to it, not sure I'm overwhelmed by it, but it's interesting, at least.
  3. Old School Drum & Bass. Seriously, I've been listening to a lot of J-Majik, Photek, Roni Size, that sort of thing. I'm really back into it, and hoping to get my arse back out on a dancefloor or two for a bit of a dance to it in the very near future.
  4. Falling off the Lavender Bridge. Lightspeed Champion. Because it's just lovely.
  5. The Outsider. DJ Shadow. Endtroducing... remains one of my favourite albums of all time, and I do like the other ones, although less so; this is growing on me.
  6. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Lupe Fiasco. Because the first album was utterly lovely, and this is proving equally so.
  7. Love is Hell (pts 1 & 2). Ryan Adams. Again, late coming to this; most of it's pretty good, but his cover of Wonderwall is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
  8. General listening to plenty of LCD, MC Solaar, Jamie Lidell, and a recent downloading of the Cure and Pet Shop Boys, for old times' sake.
Movies I've Enjoyed Recently. This is where I really fail. I saw none of the films nominated for Best Picture,* the first time since I was about 14, I imagine. Ugh. But, if I have to, I have seen and enjoyed:
  1. Network.
  2. The Godfather.
  3. It Happened One Night.
TV I Love. This is where it gets nasty. Are we including dvds? I hope so.
  1. Veronica Mars. Someone thought I'd not seen the finale of Season 1, and so lent it to me. Unfortunately, she'd misunderstood that I'd seen very few of the first half of the Season. That, however, has changed, as I've now seen nine. Ulp. It's utterly addictive, brilliant, but something I'd forgotten was how great the music is on it. In the first episode alone we have a lot of Air, Weak Become Heroes by the Streets... all good.
  2. The Soup. I've now managed to get TOH into this. It's glorious - thanks L, always, for pushing me into obsession - I was frighteningly grumpy when it turned out they'd changed the time last week and so my flipping DVR had recorded a half hour E special on the "troubles" of Amy Wino. Not that I don't love her, but still...
  3. Weeds. Genius.
  4. Coupling. I'm watching re-runs on BBC America and absolutely loving them.
  5. The Wire. We've been holding off on Season 2, but hopefully tonight is where we re-start.
  6. For shows that are STILL not back, I am in mourning for Pushing Daisies - seeing Kristin Chenowith last night made me long for it.
  7. Boston Legal. Mostly because it's about lawyers, but a lot has to do with William Shatner and James Spader, and Candice Bergen (she ROCKS).
This has made me realise how no one I know blogs other than the person who tagged me and the people she tagged. But I'll try tagging DR ANDUS and BEAN and PORTAX and LIGHTTRIPPERS/BEAN GROWERS anyway... just to see if they're out there.

* As penance (and for enjoyment, obviously), TOH and I are at least going to the movies on Wednesday to see which of them we can catch.


Anonymous said...

I will serve myself some of your music soon. I used to listen to music all the time, was even famous for spotting new bands in the old D.F., but now I hardly recognize any of those names. Boohoo. As for Law and Lit, sounds incredible! By the way, in my chapter I must discuss a bit of animal law in the eighteenth century since I examine some questions which come up in the narrative regarding whether animals count as private property or not... if you have any suggestions on history of law and animals, would be eternally grateful... or GRACEful. xo. Congrats on getting the work done!

pumpkin said...

It would be an absolute pleasure to help; in learning Property in first year, we started with two famous cases concerning hunting of animals, which may be interesting. I'll dig up what I can...

Greg K. said...

My Veronica Mars Season 3 DVD is sitting in its box waiting to be watched. One of these days I'll get to it, but it pains me to see the end of the series :(

Elisa said...

Go watch JUNO... it´s great!!! funny and heartwarming and FUNNY! I haven´t watch the other nominees... Sadly, most movies except blockbusters, get here ages after they´re on movie theaters in the States... it´s even worse in CR as you may remember... I´ll try to catch up as well...

xoxo, e.

e. said...

That last comment was me... I didn´t realise I was logged in with the other address... duh!

Anonymous said...

Yay, fantastic! Hunting...I wrote about that in the sorry excuse for a chapter I turned in last year... Thank you! And take your time...this thing will be with me for the next year and a half or more.

wub said...

Can I also take credit for Weeds? You have no idea how much I have been missing the Soup with my rabbit ears out here. Fortunately I had some gay gentlemen to fill me in on what I had missed.

I just watched the premier of the blog/video-blog tv-show that is supposed to represent our lives. can I just say that I felt OLD?

Also I was drunk off my ass. That might have had something to do with it.

And, why no shout-out to Sandra Lee? For fuck's sake, woman, you would not exist without getting you some Sandra Lee. I'm seriously here.

Anonymous said...

Could I add? Also? Liam Finn? Because after listening to his album 50+ quadrazillion times I have determined I want to have his bearded babies.

pumpkin said...

I thought it was of the moment, not all time, WUB, hence no Sandra. And you get Weeds as long as I get full and fair credit for Doctor Who.

It's so sad watching VM and seeing how much it rocked and knowing it doesn't get beyond three seasons... And yet some go on and on and on...