Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You say potato, I say bloody steak

I was intrigued by the article I Love You, but You Love Meat article today in the NYT. As someone who navigated a gradual change to meat-eating after years of vegetarianism, I'm interested in the compromise--or, rather, lack thereof--represented by these people, and aware that a rabid viewpoint on eating habits can change.

Further, as someone in a relationship with different eating habits-TOH still has been known to add ham to a vegetarian dish that is perfectly yummy-it was interesting that these people often just could not compromise. Those who had ethical reasons - the vegetarian and the kosher - seemed to be able to manage it a bit better simply because they understood the other's reason and knew that compromise had to be the key. Allergies, of course, are difficult to navigate, but the concerns for wellbeing probably override most irritation. But pickiness... that's the fundamental problem. One of my overwhelming fears about child-rearing is that the child will be a picky eater. I couldn't bear it.

It is interesting the symbolism that people place in food; how offended one gets if one's food has been rejected, particularly if, like me, that's about the sum of your creative impulses and output (my pathetic attempts at knitting notwithstanding). Fortunately, my first stab at shortcrust pastry and pie-making was extremely well-received--if a bit messy-looking--this weekend, plus of course crumble. There is no better way to get rid of pears; if only kiwi crumble sounded appetising.



e. said...

Hey!!! I don´t know if it´s that I´m starving, but your pie looks lovely and delicious!!! :)

Happy Saint V´s!!!

Oh! and I couldn´t read the NYT article, both links go to your previous post...

I suddenly have a craving for fried beans and patacones, don´t know where THAT came from...

Cheers, hugs, e.

Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous, G. I am on the other side of the spectrum, moving slowly from meat-eating to what I like to call "moderate vegetarianism," that is, I do eat chicken or fish once a day, but most of my meals are vegetarian nowadays. I have a lot to say about his...maybe in a future post. See you soon.